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Questo modello è nato per dominare la concorrenza nella classe 300 degli elicotteri 3D. Il Blade 270 CFX nasce con la comprovata geometria del piatto Blade, una motorizzazione che accetta fino a batterie LiPo a 6 celle, servocomandi in metallo, albero principale maggiorato, frame in carbonio, ingranaggi elicoidali, trasmissione di coda a cinghia, insomma, tutto il necessario per poter eseguire manovre 3D senza compromessi. Nel caso vi doveste trovare a spingere il vostro limite un po’ troppo, la tecnologia BeastX, unita a quella SAFE, vi daranno la possibilità, usando il tasto antipanico, di riportare il vostro modello in volo stabile minimizzando il rischio di costosi crash.

Se siete alla ricerca dell’estremo, il nuovo Blade 270 CFX è quello che fa per voi.

The Blade® 270 CFX heli is a powerful machine designed with one mission in mind—to rule the 300-size 3D helicopter class. For precision and power, the 270 CFX features our proven optimised servo geometry and a high-torque 6S LiPo power system. Everything about the design, from the lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium frame design to its all-metal head with oversized shaft and spindle highlight why this machine is ready to throw down some hardcore 3D action. Combined with Spektrum™ metal gear servos, helical main gear and the durable belt driven tail design, there is nothing stopping you from trying the most aggressive manoeuvres imaginable. When you do push things just a little too far, the 270 CFX is equipped with BeastX™ and SAFE™ technology Panic Recovery mode to prevent a crash. If you’re an experienced pilot who wants to experience groundbreaking heli action out of the box, the 270 CFX will fill the bill and have you thinking about leaving the larger machine at home more often.
Panic Recovery Mode
You have the ability to prevent a crash instantly. By combining the exclusive programming and sensors of SAFE™ and BeastX™ technologies, Panic Recovery mode makes it possible to bail out of any manoeuvre to a perfectly level attitude at the push of a button.

High-Voltage Power
The 22.2V power system allows the high-torque motor to develop its rated power at a much lower Amp-draw than the typical 3S LPo power setup. As a result, performance is increased while the power system operates at lower operating temperatures.

Spektrum™ AR7210BX
In one single compact unit you get the combined benefits of a high-speed 7-channel receiver and 6-axis flybarless system all in one that’s simple to program and fine-tune without a computer.

Castle Creations ESC
The reliability of a Castle Creations Talon 35 speed control assures great performance for even hard-core 3D flying plus pilots will enjoy the convenience of having motor timing and optimal governor settings pre-programmed.

Rigged Construction
To handle the advanced high-voltage power system, everything about the carbon fibre and aluminium 270 CFX design has been purposefully engineered to be lightweight and strong for the kind of hard-core 3D manoeuvres inspired by the feeling of unlimited power.

Oversized MechanicsTriple ball-bearing support offers the oversized main shaft, spindle and blade grip components the ability to deliver the precision of Blade optimised servo geometry even under heavy flight loads possible with a high-voltage power system.

High-Speed, Metal Gear Servos
The Spektrum servos for the cyclic and tail control feature robust metal gear movement and digital precision with a response speed to meet the demanding workload of flybarless mechanics.

Fibreglass Canopy
The lightweight fibreglass canopy features a stunning airbrush trim scheme and high-gloss clear coat for a high-end professional look that also provides excellent visual orientation.

Type:     Collective pitch flybarless electric helicopter
Kit/ARF/RTF:     Bind-N-Fly Basic
Length:     560mm (22inch)
Width:     115mm
Height:     190mm (7.4inch)
Flying Weight:     626g (22oz)
Construction:     Carbon fibre frame sides with aluminium support and main mechanics
Canopy:     Fibreglass with high-gloss airbrush finish
Main Rotor Diameter:     615mm (24.2inch)
Tail Rotor Diameter:     162mm (6.3inch)
Main Blade Length:     270mm (10.6inch)
Tail Blade Length:     57mm (2.2inch)
Motor pinion:     11T Helical
Main gear:     135T Helical
Main gear ratio:     12.27
Swashplate Type:      120 deg.
Motor Size:      High-torque brushless outrunner, 2350Kv
Receiver/Gyro:     Spektrum™ AR7210BX with DSMX®, SAFE™ and BeastX technologies
Servos:     Spektrum digital high-speed metal gear servos
Speed Control:     Castle Creations Talon 35 ESC
Tail Drive:     Belt
Control System:     120-degree CCPM
Rec. Battery:      910mAh 6S 22.2V 30C LiPo (EFLB9106S30)
Age Recommendation:     14 years
Experience Level:     Expert
Environment:     Outdoor
Approx. Flight Time:     4 minutes
Assembly Required:     None

    SAFE™ technology self-leveling Panic Recovery mode
    Aluminium core frame with optimised servo geometry
    Spektrum™ AR7210BX receiver with BeastX™ flybarless technology
    Advanced, high-voltage 6S LiPo battery setup
    Castle Creations Talon 35 high-voltage ESC
    Spektrum™ digital high-speed metal gear servos
    Top mounted, 2350Kv brushless outrunner motor
    Oversized, hardened main shaft with triple ball-bearing support
    Low profile, aluminium head with oversized spindle
    Helical main gear with aluminium hub and tail pulley
    Carbon fibre, single-stack side frames and vertical fin
    High-quality 270mm carbon fibre main blades Dependable tail belt-drive with aluminium tail boom
    Fibreglass canopy with airbrushed paint and a high-gloss finish
    Requires a 6+ channel programmable transmitter with Spektrum DSMX® technology, a 910mAh 6S 22.2V 30C LiPo battery (EFLB9106S30, recommended) and suitable charger—all sold separately



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  • Modello: Blade

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