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HSF0314073 STAUFENBIEL Vegas 2000mm ARF

259.00€ iva incl.  199.00€ iva incl.

HSF0314073 STAUFENBIEL Vegas 2000mm ARF

We have complied with the many wishes of our customers for a 2-meter Hotliner. And now... here is the VEGAS!

The extremely good aerobatic performance and gigantic speed let the VEGAS fly in a class with a lots of full-composite models. The abachi-sheeted and carbon-reinforced wing offers a high stiffness and the ability to hunt it stable through the air. The wings of the VEGAS are made of a foam core with carbon fiber reinforcements and are already covered with genuine ORACOVER. The wings of the PNP-Version are connected to the fuselage with built-in the cables are connected by MPX connectors. The shiny orange design and the wide stripes on the bottom make it visible for the pilot in any flight position.

The fuselage is also reinforced with carbon and has a already built in motor mount. The PNP version of the VEGAS has a built-in Himax brushless motor. 4 Dymond servos are already built-in. Propeller and a alloy spinner are included as well.

All you need is a 60 A ESC and a flight battery pack to shoot the VEGAS into the sky.

The Hotliner is alive! Viva las VEGAS!

    high-quality Hotliner made by Staufenbiel
    well-proven Hotliner Profile MH-43
    abachi-sheeted wings
    covered with genuine Oracover
    motor and servos installed (PNP only)
    very good visibility in the sky with its striking orange-glowing design
    german instructions with many pictures
Wing-span :  2000 mm
Weight :  1700g
Rec. engine :  BL Outrunner
Control :  H,S,Q,M
Manufacturer :  Staufenbiel
Fuselage :  Fiberglass
Wings :  Styro/Abachi
Rec. Battery :  3S/3200mAh LiXX

Box Contents
high quality hotliner with GRP fuselage
abachi-planked wings

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