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FMS129 Glider 2500mm ASW-17 PNP Kit

309.00€ iva incl.


FMS129 Glider 2500mm ASW-17 PNP Kit

Modello preassemblato  completo di motore Brushless, regolatore e servi già installati. Necessita per il funzionamento solo di impianto radio e rx, batteria LiPo 4S 14,8V 2200-  2600 mAh 35C e caricabatteria

The FMS 2500mm wingspan ASW-17 is a multi-purpose glider with ailerons and flaps, with a high power motor set.

True to the FMS spirit, no detail was overlooked in the design of the ASW-17. The FMS engineers made 4 expensive tooling adjustments just to micro-adjust the airfoil for perfect efficiency.


The wing, vertical and horizontal stabilizers are designed with a snap-together structure. With a simple snap, the surfaces attach to the fuselage with pinpoint precision- no screws or glue necessary! Build the aircraft in as little as 3 minutes!

Like the 3000mm Fox, the ASW-17 has a pre-installed carbon fiber spar that ensures wing rigidity in high-G maneuvers.

To achieve the same dihedral as the real aircraft, the ASW-17 was designed with a specialized CNC aluminum spar joiner- allowing the aircraft to maintain its wing geometry during demanding flight routines.

Performance-wise, a high-quality Hobbywing 40A ESC paired with a Predator 3541-750KV motor provides ample power with a 4S pack to perform most aerobatic maneuvers.


If efficiency, stability and aerobatic capabilities are what you seek in a glider, look no further than the FMS 2500mm ASW-17!
Key features

    Predator 3541 motor and 40A ESC
    Snap together assembly, no glue necessary
    Two piece wing
    Functional flaps
    Fold away high efficiency propeller
    Made of highly durable EPO


    Wingspan : 2 500 mm (98.4")
    Length : 1 390 mm (54.7")
    Flying weight : ~ 3 500 g
    Motor size : Brushless 3541-Kv750
    Wing loading : 45,7 g/dm2 (0.09oz/sq.in)
    Wing area : 50,3 dm2 (779.5 sq.in)
    ESC : 40 A
    Servos : 4 x servos 17 g + 2 x servos 9 g
    Suggested battery : LiPo 4S 14,8V 2200 à 2600 mAh 35C

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