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179810 Tiger Moth KIT 460mm The Vintage Model Company

29.00€ iva incl.

179810 Tiger Moth KIT 460mm The Vintage Model Company de Havilland DH.82

The aircraft that gave Churchill`s few their wings

In the early 1930s the British Air Ministry issued a specification for a new trainer aircraft for the RAF. The RAF themselves were quite keen on the DH.60 Gypsy Moth due to its excellent handling characteristics and low running costs, but it fell short of the specification due to the position of the wings relative to the front cockpit which did not allow the pilot to easily bail out. Determined to win the order, de Havilland took a Gypsy Moth aside and had the top wings moved forward to meet the specification. However, this resulted in the balance of the aircraft being affected, so both sets of wings were swept back and when that wasn't quite enough, the top wings were swept back a little further. It then became clear that the sweep had reduced the ground clearance of the lower wings and so the inter-plane struts were shortened and the dihedral of the bottom wing increased. Whether by accident or design, all of these changes made the DH.82 Tiger Moth an excellent training aircraft - often summarised by the phrase "easy to fly, but difficult to fly well". This meant that it was safe in the hands of a novice but helped instructors weed out weaker pilots.
Kit content

    Three balsa sheets with precise laser cut parts and strip wood
    PVA glue for building the wooden frames
    One Ø 150mm plastic propeller
    Pre-bent motor hook and shaft
    Three low friction plastic nose bushings - one for the propeller and two for the undercarrage and tail wheel legs
    Vaccuum formed canopy and spinner
    Piano wire for the main undercarriage and tail wheel legs
    Motor peg
    Rubber motor strip
    Tissue to cover the model
    Parts reference sheet
    Full size summary plan sheet
    Scheme diagram sheet
    Scheme markings


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  • Modello: The Vintage Model Company

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